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Our Laboratory

As a comprehensive provider of identity
confirmation testing services,
PaternityLab has a strong track
record of using cutting edge
technology to solve complex
problems in the life
sciences sector

Meet Our Leading Scientists

Dr. Rick Staub

Laboratory Director

Dr. Staub graduated from the University of Arizona with a Doctorate in Genetics. He is the leading expert in the field of Parentage and Forensic DNA. Dr. Staub also has extensive experience with all areas of human identification via DNA methodologies including; STR and Y-STR testing, mitochondrial DNA sequencing, SNP testing, relationship testing, and complex kinship analysis.

Dr. Diane Scaduto

Technical Supervisor

With a Master’s degree in Forensic DNA and Serology, as well as a Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine in Cell & Molecular Biology, Dr. Scaduto is an experienced Technical Lead with a demonstrated history of working in Forensics and Clinical Diagnostics. Dr. Scaduto is also well skilled in Cancer Research and Personalized Medicine, Next Generation Sequencing, and Laboratory Compliance.

Our Premier Team



We have a team of scientists, technologists, and doctors operating our state-of-the-art laboratory; putting us at the forefront of molecular diagnostic testing.

Advanced DNA Testing



PaternityLab pairs unique internal processes and cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with accurate and affordable DNA testing solutions

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